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Life changing decisions

Posted by Barbara Hand on September 18, 2012 at 8:30 PM

First of all an answer to the previous blog.  Yes, you can go home again...even if the home land is in your ancestral background.  There is something that calls a person, an inherent connection.  Going to Newhall, California did just that for me.  It felt so much like HOME.

Just returned from Celtic Marketplace in Lombard, Il.  This is a trade-show hosted by NACTA, North American Celtic Trade Association.  Through this marvelous organization we have become acquainted with so many wonderful people. We have something in common, our love of Celtic life, music and people.

Before attending Steve and I were reflecting on our former careers and what brought us to this point.  We had good means of supporting ourselves and enjoyed well enough what we were doing.  Something was missing, but we didn't know it.  Changes in our work places began us thinking about taking a risk, albeit not life threatening risk, but a life changing risk.

People everyday are brought to these life changes not always by their choice, especially lately during the economic times we are living in.  Often times it is devasting but, please, if you are in those circumstances give yourself a chance to try something new, don't look back. Take the challenge. 

As we sat in a round table with other store owners, they mentioned their previous careers.  I believe they felt as Steve and I do that this was the best life changing decision we had made for ourselves.  We now have acquainted ourselves with people we never would have had the chance to meet, wonderful, wonderful people. . . this includes the many customers (friends) we now have.  We have seen Ireland, learned so much about the Celts, and, of course, have made Music an huge part of our lives. 

We wish for everyone, whether the decision is voluntary or forced, that the outcome is great and wonderful.  Let your mind take you to the ultimate, life is only once.

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