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You Can Go Home Again

Posted by Barbara Hand on April 30, 2012 at 3:10 PM

An old adage, maybe true in some respects but I think I have found one time in life when it is not true.  As generations pass and people move about the world to live in new locations but choice or by need, we become displaced people of sorts.  But I believe, a part, maybe a small part of home, ancestral home remains in each and every one of us. 

I remember the first time Steve and I traveled to Ireland.  An exciting journey, made all the better accompanied by Steve's mother Alberta and sister Mary.  Steve always wanted to go to Ireland, a place where his ancesters left during hard times. 

We arrived in Dublin in the early morning after a night flight from Chicago. Steve never (hardly ever anyway) sleeps on airplanes.  It was all new to us, the airport at that was small and maybe not in the most modern condition but we found our way around, got the baggage and then out to the cab que.  Once into the cab I looked at Steve, sitting next to me.  The calm, the look of satisfaction and togetherness took over his whole demeanor and the words out of my mouth were "You look like you have just come home".  He said he felt something he couldn't explain, but he felt that way too.    Throughout the journey, between Alberta, Mary and Steve they all have feelings of familiarity, deja vue and contentment.  I think you can go home again and they did.  I think the remnants of living in Ireland were passed from generation to generation and once those memory chips were activated they revealed living in the past.

I am making a similar journey to California where my ancesters back to my great-great grandmother lived and raised families, the Santa Clarita Valley.  Thanks to the internet I was able to find information and get a glimpse into the past but I want to feel it and perhaps have that same "You are home" sensation.  I will let you know.

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