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Birkie 2012

Posted by Barbara Hand on February 25, 2012 at 5:30 PM

Beautiful Day, Fun Filled Town, Great Snow and Weather Conditions.  Another Birkie, 39 in all, and a great success it has been.  The town filled with happy and excited people.  Skiiers whom you have to admire for their stamina, courage and extreme effort.  They are what makes the day.  The crowd shows their appreciation by standing on the sidelines all day and cheering the skiiers as they near the finish line.  The elite skiiers came breezing in just over 2 hours after the start.  They obviously get the most out of their skis and strides.  The first place skier this year had a good lead over the others, but the  2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th came in as a pack and with last efforts it could have been anyone's next place. 

It is great to see people milling about, smiles on their faces and enjoying the out of doors.  We enjoy hosting the visitors because they are so much fun to talk to, some with stories of their ski adventures or family members.  At Legends of the Celts, we also hear stories of visits to Ireland and we truly enjoy those.  We can usually recognize the areas people have visited and can picture in our minds where they have been and can agree that they visited some of the best places in Ireland.

Today, Steve was given a wonderful compliment on how he had impacted a family, in particular the two young boys.  They had heard Steve playing the whistle outside our Store one summer.   They bought the Whistle - CD Pack and the boys began their career in Irish Music.  They have dedicated much time and effort to playing and the rewards have been many.  They play in a band, have played with an orchestra, all in all have become musicians.  Young boys, even yet, they have much to look forward to and music is a huge part of their lives.  We are delighted to know that Steve's passion rang through to these young men and they have carried on in their own passion and efforts to a reward of one of life's best pleasures - MUSIC. 

We look forward to the rest of 2012, so far at the end of February the year has been good, happy and enjoyable.  If you have not yet been to Hayward, please consider a visit and be sure to stop in and see us, we love to talk.

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